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Haven for Migrants

Since 2014, Aide et Action International has proactively initiated the “Haven for Migrants Program” in four major cities in India – Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad and Madhya Pradesh. With this program, we tackle the serious problems faced by young migrants




How you can help

By supporting us today, you will enable us to save the other 500 children
we have identified, who urgently need our help:


With HK$150 per month,
you can help us provide nutritional supplements and
health care services to 10 children. 


With HK$280 per month,
you can support the running of three Child Care Learning Centers*
*including the training of educators and teaching supplies


With HK$500 per month,
you can help us provide education and holistic care to 15 children.

(Based on one year's contribution)






Key Activities  



Building of a Child Care Learning Center near the work sites so that migrant children are educated, cared for and fed in a safer environment.



Teaching children and their parents about hygiene and nutritional knowledge in order to reduce diseases. 



Providing migrant families with access to regular body checks, health supplements and immunization.




Assisting school-aged children to smoothly reintegrate neighboring schools




Lobbying construction sites owners and authorities to stop child labor through the “Smiley Brick Program” and advocating for the protection of children’s rights.




The Story of Bhavani

Bhavani was born in a remote village in Odisha, East India. Every year, she and her parents migrate 1,000 kms away
to find work at a brick kiln and make a living. Young Bhavani worked at a construction site for 12 to 14 hours a day.
She once had an accident and her hand got seriously burnt after she touched a flaming brick.
She was only able to receive medical treatment three days after the injury, suffering from permanent scaring.


As an 11-year old, Bhavani should have been in school, growing happily like other children her age, rather than being deprived and exploited at worksites.
Sadly, there are many Bhavanis out there – at least 500 children were identified by our organization, Aide et Action International.
For the last 30 years we have relentlessly helped children regain access to education – one of their most fundamental rights.


                                                                                                                                              © Aide et Action


The issue: The Distressing Lives of Migrant Children in India

Every year, 15 million children and their families travel across India to construction sites near big cities, hoping to find work.
When migrating, they too often stop receiving an education and lack access to housing, healthcare and food provisions.


80% of migrant children have no opportunity to attend school. Illiteracy and poverty are passed on from generation to generation.
What’s worse, 40% of these children are enslaved as child laborers. Each child laborer is exposed to extreme conditions and is prone to accidents and injuries.
Their lives are at stake and it is critical we bring solutions to the matter.


We are proud to say that in three years, we have managed to save 5,700 children from their predicament.
One by one, the children have returned to school, freed from working at brick kilns. Bhavani was one of them.
Today, she is attending a public school where she can enjoy learning and being a child again.

                                                                                                                © Naïade Plante


Make a CHANGE by supporting our "Haven for Migrants" program! 


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Established in France in 1981, Aide et Action International (AEAI) is a charitable organization that works towards making education accessible to all. Aide et Action(Hong Kong) is registered as "Aide et Action Education Foundation" and is a charitable organization under section 88 of the inland revenue ordinance, no. 91/9502.

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