About Aide et Action

Aide et Action believes that everyone has the right to education. Education changes the World.

Established in France in 1981, Aide et Action International (AEAI) is a charitable organization that works towards making education accessible to all.


A world where everyone has the opportunity to develop their full potential through access to quality education and learning.


Aide et Action takes action for access to quality education for the most vulnerable and marginalized populations, in particular children, so that they can take their development in their own hands and contribute to a more peaceful and sustainable world.



We believe that education helps develop the capacity of every individual to live in dignity. We always value and respect each individual for what they represent and we treat everyone ethically.


Our belief in equal rights of every human being is unshakable. By removing barriers to inclusion in education, we are helping others to exercise their rights. Our work environment is inclusive, without any discrimination.


We are united around the concept of education for all as a means of speaking out and acting together with the communities we accompany and our supporters. Our commitment is always visible in everything we do, both as individuals and as an organization.

Aide et Action Hong Kong

In 2007, AEA was internationalized with headquarters in Geneva of Switzerland. The Hong Kong office was set up in 2008, to promote AEAI’s works and raise resources to support AEA’s global projects.

Aide et Action Hong Kong is a registered charitable organization recognized by the Hong Kong Government under the registered name of “Aide et Action Education Foundation” (IRD no. 91/9502).