EDUCATION FOR WOMEN NOW is a global movement of philanthropists, foundations and corporate changemakers, passionate about ensuring access to education and removing gender inequality barriers.


We put women and girls front and center in all our programs.

Empowering girls and women is a crucial lever to accelerate sustainable change.

We know that education is the best way to transform livesensure peace, and social and economic stability in marginalized communities.

Our work contributes to the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (Quality Education).

Our goal: by 2025, raise 20 million euros to enable 3 million Girls and Women still left aside, access quality education in Africa, Asia, and Europe

Aide et Action is committed to leaving no one behind. Girls and women, at the top of the vulnerability pyramid, are the most affected when emergencies hit like COVID-19.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, more than 11 million girls may never return to school. They would then join the 130 million who were already out of school before the crisis (UNESCO).

Women and girls need our and your support to safeguard gains in education – right now. If we don’t act now, the negative impact will last for decades.

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