Street Fundraising Campaign

Changing the world through education:

Be our monthly donor to work hands in hands with AEA!

Aide et Action International is a charitable organization works towards making education accessible to all. We have been working to ensure that every individual receives quality education that enables them to grow and thrive, find employment and support their families with dignity. Your monthly donation provides stable resources to support our educational program around the world sustainably. By deploying a professional fundraising agency to conduct our street fundraising campaign, we can focus our expertise in education programs and further decrease our administrative expenses. Our fundraising ambassadors are capable to promote the importance of our work in order to increase the awareness of Aide et Action and help spread the message of making education accessible to all. This is one of the cost-efficient ways for fundraising and providing sustainable income for Aide et Action.

How to verify the identity of an AEA fundraising ambassador?

All fundraising ambassadors are dressed in Aide et Action uniform with staff badge for identification. The fundraising locations will be updated on Aide et Action website for reference. Locations may vary due to adverse weather or other unexpected reasons, please contact Aide et Action directly at 2815 3834 for any enquiries.

What is the schedule debit date of my monthly donation?

You can choose direct debit either from bank account or credit card. If you chose direct debit from your bank account, the first donation will be deducted on around the 8th of every month once the autopay authorization goes effective. If you chose credit card for your monthly donation, the first donation will be deducted within 14 working days and subsequent deductions will normally be processed on or around 15 of every month.

Can I claim tax-deduction for my donation?

Aide et Action (Hong Kong) is registered as “Aide et Action Education Foundation” and is a charitable organization under section 88 of the inland revenue ordinance, no. 91/9502. The donation receipt will be issued to monthly donors during every April to May.

Date & locations of the month